Do you feel:

  • You want international experience to advance your career? To help you develop faster and more holistically?
  • You want something different? A new type of challenge in a new type of environment?
  • You want to work in one of the global hot spots? Like a cool Silicon Valley startup? A Boston Biotech company? A London hedge fund? A German car company? A Singaporean airline?
  • You want to follow your partner and move to where they are? And as the world is global, that happens to be in another country?

Or all of the above? 😉
Let’s imagine, you resolve these challenges – how would you feel?

  • In Australia working on a water plant?
  • In Silicon Valley building the next Unicorn?
  • In Singapore, working for a large state fund?
  • In Barcelona, answering emails from the beach?


How would it impact your life and career? To your future? You?

The answer to these questions is different for every individual – but globally we know the impact is positive: You will feel more satisfied, fulfilled, motivated. You will make more money and advance faster. You will actually be able to tangibly measure what you achieve. Of this we are sure ☺

So, is it worthwhile to tackle your current work challenges? We are convinced it is. And we are convinced that we can help to do so.


  • We helped others to go abroad. both for career or personal reasons.
  • We as WYW team members have all studied and worked abroad.   We’ve gone through the process, often more than once and know all the difficulties and rewards.
  • We give you independent advice, unlike your HR team or a head hunter we have no alternate agenda. Our advice is designed only to help you achieve the type of changes that will make you happier and more fulfilled.
  • You take no risk with WYW – we offer a full money back guarantee.

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