Will Work You Want help me to get the work I want?

Yes! We will help you put a great application together – which means you will get a step by step guide for your application letter and CV. This step by step guide is supported by an application letter and CV template that you can use and apply for yourself. In the end, you want to get that job and we want to provide you all the help to get there.

Why was Work You Want created and what is its vision?

Ans: When the founders of Work You Want started to look for the work they really wanted to do, the road how to get there was not at all clear to them.

What was clear to them however was that they absolutely wanted to make sure, that they end up with work they really wanted to do. Because they were convinced that it would be so much more fun, so much more motivating, so much more fulfilling. And ultimately, they would be so much more successful. They wanted to have a purpose why they got up on a Monday morning. They wanted to feel the inner fire again.

To them, this topic was very important, and they took it seriously. Why? Because of the time they spent at work. Because the impact work has on their life – mentally, physically, financially speaking. They felt that not spending time on work they really wanted was a waste of (their life) time.

So they got started on finding the work they love. They went through the ‘career service’ material of their MBA (>8 years old by then), read tons of books, clicked through hundreds of blogs, and took a US>2000$ course “how to find the job they love”. They also each interviewed more than 30 successful entrepreneurs and executives on what they recommend discovering, finding, and getting Work You Want. And of course, needless to mention the amounts of friends and current and former colleagues they talked to (the reassuring thing here always was: They had the same challenge of finding work they loved!).

After finding the work they loved, the founders of Work You Want put down their learning in the process of finding work they love and decided to share this with everyone who is in the same spot. That was the base for Work You Want and you find all of those learning plus the learning from working with >200 participants in this offer.

Today, our mission is to help 1000 people to discover, find, and get work they really want. Because that makes this planet a better place.

What makes Work You Want so unique for me?

Ans: Only on WYW, will you build on a step by step approach to WYW, will you profit from a 200+ alumni tested offer supported by top video content, and will you receive independent advice from mentors that live your work life every day; And all with a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

Get help all the way: You will follow our step by step approach from discovering what you want to do to mastering the application process.

Get independent advice: You will get unfiltered advice, independent advice. We are neither your HR consultant that tries to match you to a profile on offer nor your HR person with another agenda.

Discover what you love. And get it. You will discover what you want to do, and how to actually get there. Unlike others, we make sure your vision is your starting point, not the end.

In your seat. Our WYW mentors are not “only” mentors. They work just like you. They understand your situation because they live it themselves.

Learn from +200. Get top-notch material. You get the learning from 200+ WYW participants and the condensed insights from top-selling authors and bloggers all in one place.

Money back guarantee. You want work you love. We help you get there. If you work this program and are not happy, you get your money back.

What are you waiting for?

Are there other providers that help me to get work I want?

Ans: Absolutely. You could do a top-tier MBA and use this as your platform to change a career. That will easily cost you at least €100.000 and last minimum 12 months – not including the preparation.

You could also hire a top-tier coach – but what about the hourly rate of these offers? And the ability to take the course anytime and anywhere you like? Many also find it difficult to find the right coach.

You could approach a colleague to mentor you or ask your HR department. Only consider, what would be the impact on your career. In addition, would you receive independent advice?

You could also hire a headhunter because they have “jobs on offer” at any time. Great option, but would they help you find the work you want or rather help you find the work they have on offer?

You could also try to do it on your own – investing lots of time on how to do that and finding the right material. If you avoid any paid offer, it will be the cheapest. Work You Want participants usually prefer to focus on what really matters: What is that work they really want to do?

But in any case – if these things work better for you, then we encourage you to do that.

If those offers do not convince you, read what others said about Work You Want.

  • Eike B., Singapore: WYW starts at A, my vision, and ends at Z, my new job. It did not stop halfway, but where I am today. I have not found a similar offer elsewhere.
  • Constantin B., Germany: The simple step by step of approach really demystified for me to find a job that matters for me …
  • Inés M, Spain: WYW did not only help me grow professionally but also personally. I did not expect that.

And remember. We give you your money back if you are not happy. Do any of the other options offer a money-back guarantee?

Will Work You Want if I do not know what I want to do?

Ans: To join Work You Want, you do not need to know which type of work you love and want to do. Throughout the course, we will show you in detail how to use the strengths you have today and combine them with the dreams you have of tomorrow. You will end up with multiple ideas for Work You Want to do. But we do not stop there – we will help you develop concrete strategies from these ideas to find this type of work and then also get it.

Will Work You Want help me to find the work I want in reality?

Ans: This is one of the core elements of the Work You Want offer. Matching your vision of what you dream of doing with the actual work “in the job world” is what many Work You Want participants struggle with most. That is why we do not stop at your vision but want to make sure we take it much further and actually help you identify the jobs you want to do. We will do that with a clear job search strategy and a concrete action plan to get there.

Is Work You Want for University students?

Ans: Work You Want can be applied for students, but the primary focus is on young executives – on average, Work You Want participants who have worked at least 3 years and can profit from first work experience. Our participant’s age range is from 25 years to 40 years, although exceptions always confirm the rule.

How much help am I going to get?

Ans: The tutorials and the accompanying material is built in a way that it is self-explanatory so that you can advance on your own. But if you want additional help and support then you can get it – by signing up to a session with one of our Work You Want mentors. Keep in mind that you get a free 30min session once you sign up for the online tutorial.

How long will it take to get work I want?

Ans: This depends on you – the course itself is structured to take 12 weeks and assumes you do your homework in parallel. We believe discovering what you want to do, where to find it, and how to get it deserves your attention and time. The questions you are trying to solve are not easy to solve and take time. Rushing through the course does not get you the results you want. If you need a quick fix better not sign up for WYW.

What if I try Work You Want and I decide it is not for me?

Ans: We give you a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. In this way, you can risk-free explore all modules and elements of the course. We do that because we are convinced that the material works and will get you the results you desire.

Keep in mind though, that this is not an information consumption course. But the focus is on action and progress. Because only when we “do things”, we can move closer to our results. So, if you ask for a refund, we require you to show us the work you have done.

Do I get the entire course at once?

Ans: No, and this is intentional. Results are much better when you spend time on every course lesson and especially do the exercises and worksheets that come with it. We do not want to “download” all the material on you and then it is on you. We will continuously email you inspirational material that helps you advance in the pace you get the best results.

How much time does it take me per week to do this course?

Ans: Good question, we don’t know. What is sure is that the more time you put in, the faster you get results. In the end, WYW comes with lifetime access, so you can go as fast or slow as you want. Looking across our students and seeing how much time they spend on average, we believe 4 hours per week is a reasonable average, which of course varies a lot.

Does Work You Want cover job contracts, remuneration options, and taxes?

Ans: No, it does not. Your focus should first be, what you want to do, where you find that, and how to get it. Many beginners start with these more contractual topics at the start but miss the key questions that get you to the bright future you want.

Contract, remuneration, and tax-related questions are typically things that are usually very dependent on your specific context, e.g. country or region you are located in. We cannot provide this service.

In which language is the material?

Ans: The material of the online tutorials is in English and Spanish.

Who will be my Work You Want mentor?

Ans: We will match you with one of our Work You Want mentors based on your background and plans going forward. You will have the same mentor for all your sessions.

Usually, our process of matching Work You Want participants and Work You Want mentors works really well. Should you, however, have the feeling that you would like to change the mentor, we will happily discuss this with you.

Who will be my Work You Want mentor?

Ans: We will match you with one of our Work You Want mentors based on your background and plans going forward. You will have the same mentor for all your sessions.

Usually, our process of matching Work You Want participants and Work You Want mentors works really well. Should you, however, have the feeling that you would like to change the mentor, we will happily discuss this with you.

How much time do the mentoring sessions take me?

Ans: The 1:1 mentoring session will take you more time than only the pure mentoring session.  In fact, we ask you to prepare every mentoring lesson and you and your mentor will also define to-dos at the end of each session for you to follow up on. The more time you spend on what is happening outside of the mentoring sessions, the more you will progress and profit from them.

In which language is the mentoring offered?

Ans: Mentoring is offered in English and Spanish.

Why are the online tutorials limited and sometimes closed?

Ans: For us, our main objective is to make sure that you get to work you want. To do so, we want to give you the right support, help, and guidance that it takes to make every course participant successful. Therefore we limit the number of participants per course and do the course only in certain time periods of the year.

When we do not run course, we constantly improve the material based on participants feedback and are likely to increase prices for the additional value. Remember – you have lifetime access, meaning, you profit from any update of the material your whole lifetime.

What are the costs for the online tutorial?

Ans: The tutorial costs are €360 (€120 for 3 months). It includes 6 video lessons that total >2hrs of video content and 6 packages of exercises and worksheets. It also contains a huge amount of inspirational additional material. By following it, you will clarify for yourself what is the Work You Want to do, wherein the job market you find or create it, and how you apply for it to get it.

Is this course live?

Ans: No, this is an online course. That means you do not have to go anywhere. No need to travel, commute or drive. You can do it right away from your desk at home or your mobile while taking the subway. The whole course comes with lifetime access. So you will always be able to access the material wherever and whenever you want.

How do the online tutorials work?

Ans: The Work You Want online tutorial is a 12-week video course. Every two weeks we will email you a new tutorial. We also include additional material like templates, exercises, and worksheets so that you can directly apply what you have learnt in the tutorial. Keep in mind: You have lifetime access to all the WYW material. So should you have to make a break – don’t worry, you just resume where you want to.

What does the 1:1 mentoring cost?

Ans: There are two different models.

Our “ad hoc” offer is one mentoring session of 60min for €160 (€2.70/minute). You will be asked to prepare for the session, including the topics you would like to discuss. Based on your preparation, the Work You Want mentor will prepare the session.

Within the session, the 1:1 mentor will focus solely on those topics you would like to discuss. At the end of the session, the Work You Want Mentor will suggest action steps you can take.

Our “ongoing support” offer contains 6 sessions á 45min, in total 2.5 hours of mentoring support, at €480 (€~1.80/minute). The preparation and session work similarly as the “ad hoc” support. The difference is that you together with your mentor will be able to build on the previous session(s) and hence it allows for a much more continued and bigger progress.

Work You Want participant think of the 1:1 mentoring session as an investment into themselves. They invest this money into one of the most important topics in their life: Their work. They want to accelerate their progress, push their boundaries, and ensure they get to the vision they have set themselves.

Why should I book a 1:1 mentoring session?

Ans: Mentoring is not for everyone. The Work You Want participants who booked a 1:1 mentoring session have used it for many different reasons. They used the 1:1 mentor as

  • Accountability partner – “someone who checks on my progress and follows up with me.
  • Inner-barrier broker – “someone who helps me overcome my inner fears, worries, and doubts. Someone who is only on my side.
  • Accelerator – “Someone who helps me to accelerate my progress in getting to work that I want.
  • Motivational coach – “someone who motivates and pushes me, especially when I face challenges.
  • Inspirational source – “someone who provides me with inspiration for new ideas, suggestions, and paths to explore”
  • … and so much more

Does that help you? Work You Want participants that have taken 1:1 mentoring session have told us that:

  • Paul M., UK: I needed someone who would push me all the time. Because I know that otherwise, I do not put myself down to work. With the mentor, I got exactly that. And man, the outcome was fantastic. I love the work that I do.
  • Inés S, Madrid: The Work You Want mentor held my back all the time. He was like a secret resource pool I could tap into whenever I struggled in the process. He was motivator, energizer, challenger at the same time.
  • James M., UK: In London, you have this one-way road into and within the professional services sector. But I wanted something different. I wanted to leave that world. My 1:1 mentor showed me how – he opened me so many roads to take. This outside perspective opened my eyes.

How can we help you?

Is the 1:1 mentoring live?

Ans: Yes. The 1:1 mentoring is of course live. These are Skype or phone calls on an agreed date and time between you and your mentor. That means you can do them from anywhere – your kitchen, your sofa, your favorite coffee shop. We advice you only to have a stable internet connection.

Will I learn something different in the online tutorial than in the 1:1 mentoring?

Ans: Online tutorial and 1:1 mentoring are both build on the Work You Want approach. In this way, we make sure that you do not hear content in one that contradicts the other.

The 1:1 mentoring session of course focus on your specific topics only, hence can go further, more in detail, and more tailored to your needs than the online tutorial could ever do.

Should I do the online tutorial, the 1:1 mentoring, or both?

Ans: That’s a good question.

For those of you who struggle in general with discovering, finding, and getting work they love, we recommend the online tutorial. It gives you a great overview and allows you to apply it for yourself. If you then come to topics you would like to work on with a mentor, you can always book extra sessions with a mentor. Remember that you get a 30min mentoring session for free once you sign up for the online tutorial. This gives you a great idea how the mentoring sessions work.

For those of you, who struggle with very specific challenges with getting work they want, we recommend 1:1 mentoring session to focus on these specific topics.