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Feeling disconnected from your work? Wanting to test out a new sector? Struggling with your boss? Lacking a clear career vision? Feeling undervalued? Missing a challenge?

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Wanting to boost your CV with international experience? Looking to perfect your language skills? Craving a real adventure? Following a partner to a new city? Wanting experience in an international hub?

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We have been in your shoes

All of us at WYW have boosted our careers; have changed jobs; have moved abroad. And we would all do it again. Through WYW, we consolidate and share the very best of what we have learned.

We have a track-record of successful alumni

We have successfully helped 200+ WYW participants to make the career changes they seek. The simple fact that our alumni are more successful, fulfilled, motivated than the average is our greatest achievement.

we provide top notch material - we are on no ones side

Advancing your career is not easy – which is why we offer unfiltered, independent advice and support – and help you to avoid the double-agendas of HR consultants and head-hunters.

We know the top global companies

The WYW team members have worked in top consulting, finance and tech companies, and build globally successful start-ups. We know how to access these markets and are eager to share.

We provide top notch material

Through WYW you gain access to the best resources on the market all in one place: - Our personalized program, based on extensive first-hand experience and tested by 200+ participants - Condensed insights from top-selling authors and bloggers

Money back guarantee

If you are reading this it’s because you want to make a change in your career. And our goal is to help you do just that. If you test our program and see that it isn’t working for you, you will get your money back. That simple.

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