CV & LinkedIn Review

CV & LinkedIn Review


About this course

What is this course about?

Looking to improve and align your professional image to apply for jobs and attract recruiters? Want to know how professional recruiters, HR personnel, or headhunters will view your professional online presence and CV? Want to improve the chances that your profile will be identified by recuiters and flagged for job opportunities? Unsure if your CV and LinkedIn profile align and “tell the same story”?


Why you should do it?

In today’s recruiting market your “career business card” has two sides: Your CV and your LinkedIn profile. Your CV is the most important element of your job application. Your LinkedIn profile is the most important element to your online image, an ideal networking tool and great way to attract recruiters. They should be aligned in style, content and structured in a manner to increase your chances of attracting the greatest traction by potential employers and recruiters – any misalignment results in deprioritization of candidates.
We provide you with a professional review to assess your CV and LinkedIn profile against WYW’s proven criteria. Based on our feedback, you will know how well your CV and LinkedIn profiles perform and exactly what needs to be improved to make your profile stand out, so you attract a higher-level of search hits by recruiters and help you better engage with your professional community.


What will you get?

A complete written evaluation analysing if your CV and LinkedIn profile

  • have a consistent design and easy-to-read format
  • provide sufficient concrete experiences and examples
  • prioritize content in a clear and concise structure
  • have correct grammar and spelling
  • respond to the requirements of the specific job you apply for (in case you have a concrete job in mind)
  • are consistent and tell “the same story”
    Including concrete feedback for improvement of both structure and content.


How does it work?

  • As soon as you sign up, we will contact you and ask you to send us your CV and your LinkedIn Profile Link.
  • We assess your CV and LinkedIn profile against our proven WYW criteria and send you structured written feedback within 3 working days.



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